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Conical Twin Screw Barrel Manufacturers

In 1992, EJS factory was founded to produce conical twin screw barrel Extruder parts at a small workshop. After dozens of years of hard work and heart dedication, our factory grow stably all these years, right now we have over 400 full time employees.

Each year, we produce about ten thousand sets of conical twin screw barrel Extruder parts, with main size including 24/52, 45/90, 45/100, 50/105, 51/105, 55/110, 55/120, 58/124, 60/125, 65/120, 65/132, 68/143, 68/147, 70/135, 70/140, 75/150, 80/143, 80/156, 92/188, 105/216, 110/220 and so on.

For popular sizes like 65/132, 80/156, 92/188, we are able to offer short lead time, please contact EJS Screw Barrel Extruder parts people to get your drawings into money-making conical twin screw barrels, no matter low CaCo3, medium CaCo3 or high CaCa3, EJS will get it right for you.
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We are professional in manufacturing Conical Twin Screw Barrel. EJS is one of the Conical Twin Screw Barrel manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory was established in 1992 in Zhoushan, China. Our factory is the largest manufacturer of twin conical screw barrels for many years. The quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy. If you ask me can I customized, my answer is of course. In 2020, the sales of twin screw barrels produced by our factory are 39 million US dollars, and the single screw barrels are as high as 7.8 million US dollars. In stock, come buy.