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Rubber Screw Barrel Manufacturers

EJS produces a significant number of rubber screw barrel each and every year since its birth in 1992, with customers worldwide from east to west.

Rubber screw barrel are largely used for rubber extrusion machines making all kinds of rubber products, like rubber pipe, rubber film, tire, rubber cable etc., which is closely linked to our daily life.

Currently the diameter we make for rubber screw barrel is ranged from 25mm till 500mm, in nitriding treatment or bimetallic alloy coating. 

Please be open free to contact EJS to translate your drawings into rubber screw barrels at the best way.
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We are professional in manufacturing Rubber Screw Barrel. EJS is one of the Rubber Screw Barrel manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory was established in 1992 in Zhoushan, China. Our factory is the largest manufacturer of twin conical screw barrels for many years. The quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy. If you ask me can I customized, my answer is of course. In 2020, the sales of twin screw barrels produced by our factory are 39 million US dollars, and the single screw barrels are as high as 7.8 million US dollars. In stock, come buy.