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Founded in 1992, our factory grew out from a small workshop of twin conical screw barrels production to 400 full-time employees and 40 000㎡ with 21 workshops by 2020. This year another plant is under construction to catch up the growing demand from old and new customers.
In 2020 our factory produces twin screw barrel with sales amount 39 million US dollars and single screw barrel up to 7.8million US dollars, around 30,500 pieces for customers worldwide including United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom etc., including Extrusion screw barrel, Injection screw barrel, in nitriding treatment or bimetallic alloy coated. E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LTD mainly produces Conical twin screw barrel, Parallel twin screw barrel, Extruder parts, etc.


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