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Who is EJS?

Founded in 1992, our factory grew out from a small workshop of conical twin screw barrel production. Thanks to all dedicated employees and loyal customers, our factory is now running by 400 full-time employees with 21 workshops covered in an area of 40 000m2, with a range of screw barrels are produced including Extruder Screw Barrel, Injection Moulding Screw Barrel, Rubber Screw Barrel, Twin Screw Barrel and Extruder Parts.

From the very beginning of establishment, E.J.S is designed to produce high quality screw barrel, by using Top-Class steel 38CrMoAla, 40Cr, 42CrMo which are most popular for Chinese Market. For processing various application and meeting different needs from customers all over the world, nowadays we have more steels for option, 1.8550(34CrAlNi7), 1.8519(31CrMoV9), D2, Hastelloy, SKD61, SKD11 etc. We believe good raw material is the grounding and footstone to make a good job.

Details matter, this is especially true for screw barrels. The precision and accuracy of product dimensions separate one factory from another.

JinTang Island, where our factory is located, also called “ Island of Screws”, has hundreds of companies making screws and barrels, small and big, old and new, with about 30000 people working in this business. If you want to cheaper prices, keep asking.

If quality is critical, you have much less options unfortunately. The rule” Every penny counts” works great here.

If quality is your top priority, E.J.S is your great option because

The mission of E.J.S is to make your Screw Barrel Business Easier with Joy and Success in Chinese Screw Barrel to fight against “ Poorly Made in China”.

The superb manufacturing of screw barrel products requires rich knowledge and long experience. Life time and high quality materials are the main things for product quality but in E.J.S quality also means a well-structured organization, good logistics, good services and clear communication in English. We want to understand our customers’ needs clearly and we are never afraid to ask for more information. That is why our customers always come back and give us repeating orders.

Most of our screws and barrels are produced for other brands of extruder machines and injection molding machines, you will not know it is from us.

E.J.S is a leading Chinese Screw Barrel Manufacturer because:

● Our prices are very competitive because of structured production and all our products are made in China.

● E.J.S is a screw barrel manufacturer with full range of extruder parts such as Twin Screw Extruder Screw Barrel, Injection Moulding Machine Screw Barrel, Blown Moulding Machine Screw Barrel, Rubber Screw barrel, Moulds, Gear box, Die, Flange, Nozzle, Rolls screw elements, planetary roller screw, bimetallic screw barrel, conical screw, conical barrel, parallel twin cylinder, and much more.

● The engineers from E.J.S are highly educated and skilled technicians working together with us for many years, who love the screw barrel challenges

● We have technical guys with experience who can travel around to do on-site measurement at your factory when you don’t have a drawing;

● Our quality control department has the highest standard in quality control based on international standards.

● The E.J.S sales team has the highest level of English communication and has been trained in screw barrel every day.

● This offers you, our customer, the highest quality level in Chinese screw barrel.

● There is always an invitation to you for visiting our office in Ningbo and factory in JinTang, come and see for yourself what we are doing!

● We guarantee our products and our service are the best you can find.

About Us

E. J.S started to produce bimetallic screw barrel at a very early time, almost the same period of the first bimetallic screw barrel born in China. With our equipment upgraded and workers growing more skillful all these years, we slowly grow up to one of the leading suppliers on bimetallic in China. Our bimetallic barrels have four types available based on different alloy components, with tungsten carbide up to 35%, 45%. Our hardfacing screws are plasma spray coating with Ni60, Colmonoy 56, Colmonoy 83 for meeting different demands.

In 2020, E.J.S produces single and twin screw barrel with sales amount of 38 million US dollars, while single screw barrel up to 7.8million US dollars, around 30,500 pieces screw barrels were produced for OEM and end user customers worldwide, such as United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom etc.

In 2021, another plant is under construction to catch up the growing demand of capacity from old and new customers.

Currently, our customers are easily seen in below areas:

● PVC - Building, Civils and Sheet

● Flexible and Rigid Pipe Profile and Tube

● Wire and Cable – Insulation and sheathing

● Rubber Profile, Hose, Tyre and Preform

● Silicone Micro Bore Tubing, Tube and Profile

● Plastics Compounding – Single and Twin Screw

● Blown Film

● Injection Moulding

● Blow Moulding

● Reprocessing and Recycle Plastics

● Chemical and Pharmaceutical

● Food and Agricultural

If you are working in plastic & rubber industry, and do need a business partner on screws barrels, come to us. With our knowledge and experiences on producing, with our attitude on quality controlling, with a team always standing behind their products, E.J.S have been and will always provide you highest level of customers satisfaction.

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