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WHO are you thinking of TODAY?


Today, August 12, lunar July 15, is Spirit Day here in China.
It’s a day to miss the passed.
WHO are you missing TODAY?

Maybe there are family people, friends, teachers, classmates, old colleagues, customers, heroes or even neighbors. They’re gone physically or mentally.
They did you well or wrong, which makes you miss them now or then or forever.

E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LTD is remembered by happy customers because of our true quality and open communication.
E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LTD is also remembered by our competitors, they copy our work or copy our customers.
E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LTD is even remembered by the resigned, because what they learned at EJS is far more than what they earned here.

We EJS screw barrel thank all and every one, who once worked with us, AND who are always working with us, for choosing to be with us, YOU ARE ALWAYS respected by our whole team!
We wish YOU the BEST--- No matter you are far or near or here!