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What is happening there?


August started BIG.
August 01 is our Army Day.
August 02, Pelosi visited Taiwan without permission of our big family.

One interesting is that:
Whatever unpleasant things the America does to any countries, the Euro will go down while the dollar goes stronger. What is that trying to tell us?
When Russia/Ukraine conflict started, the Euro keeps going cheaper.
When Russia is a big country, a big neighbor to Europe, a big supplier of gas and energy, many European countries don’t want to get well along with them. WHY?

In China, there is a famous saying” A good neighbor is far better than a distant relative”. Guess this is only known in China.

Money can come and go, what about lost time and unhappy life people are suffering? What about lost opportunities and lost lives during the conflicts? What about hurt feelings and lost faith? 

For normal people, our dream is simple, a peaceful country, a healthy family, a life-affordable job, nice neighbors, no Covid-19.
We live together on this planet, we cooperate together with different countries for better business and easier life, why not compete each other fairly for better growth? Will that be too simple to do?

Life is simple itself, don’t complicate it.
Screw Barrels are needed for the extruder machines and injection machines, to make our life Easier with Joys and Success; don’t use them wrong, don’t screw things up, don’t make them barrels to bury others!