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WHO do you support?


Last days are not quiet.

Everyday we’re watching closely on the situation of Russia and Ukraine.

We see the news and posts everywhere from all over the world, we even receive questions from customers such as “ Who do you support, Russia or Ukraine?”

As a screw barrel manufacturer, we never ever support any wars, we support only peace and development. We don’t invite any conflicts, we even keep a good clearance between screws and barrels. 

As a screw barrel exporter, we don’t support any economic sanctions, this is not good for export and import business. We don’t create any blocks, we always want to grow our customers and keep ourselves growing.

Problems happen, here and there, today and forever, it’s important that we have good faith to solve them together correctly for the best interest of each parties.

EJS staff is very concerned about Russians and Ukrainians, we hope everything falls back to the right track soon. We could keep receiving orders from Ukraine and Russia for twin conical screw barrels as well as single screw barrels, we could keep shipping screws and barrels to them easily.

Please don’t try to screw up anything, EJS has barrels.