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The basic structure of the extruder


The extruder(extruder parts) is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic part and electrical part.

The mechanical part(extruder parts) is composed of base, prestressed frame tension column, front cross beam, movable cross beam, x-guided extrusion cylinder seat, extrusion shaft, ingot supply mechanism, residue separation shear, sliding die seat, etc.

The hydraulic system(extruder parts) is mainly composed of master cylinder, side cylinder, locking cylinder, perforated cylinder, large capacity axial piston variable pump, electro-hydraulic ratio servo valve (or electro-hydraulic proportional regulating valve), position sensor, oil pipe, oil tank and various hydraulic switches.

The electrical part is mainly composed of power supply cabinet, operation console, PLC programmable controller, upper industrial control computer and display screen.