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Hot feed rubber screw barrels are widely produced at our plant.
EJS produces PIN style rubber screw barrel for rubber machines, we\'re always ready to get them well made.
Planetary screw barrel are for rigid PVC, semi-regid PVC and soft PVC products. EJS makes them!
Planetary screw is able to perform serveral times better on plastification, homogeneity, output and self-cleaning. And EJS makes them!
Every day, our factory is producing hundreds of single screw barrel for the customers nationally and internationally.
Making customer\'s work Easier with Joy and Success is our job and our mission, helping customers to subcontract some parts are an extra service for our clients.\n\nThe screw mixer takes an important role on the screw plasticizing, various of mixers are available for designing, such as Moddocks Mixer, Pineapple Mixer, Spiral Mixer etc. \nWe produce also the feeding section for barrel, including the feed housing, feed liner, water jacket
Cold rubber screw barrels are quite popular at our workshop, you could see them almost every day, please come to visit our factory.
EJS has been producing rubber screw barrels for rubber screw barrel machines since 1992.

About US



When working with suppliers overseas is challenging, EJS was born to make your screw barrel business Easy Joy with a big Success.
Since 1992, our factory has been dedicated into production of screws and barrels. Through years of developing, a wide range of products are available now:

 Extruder Screw barrel
 Rubber screw barrel
 Injection molding screw barrel etc.
In bimetallic, nitriding, hard chrome-plated, through hardened.



Welcome to September!

2020 09.02

When we focus on something, time goes away faster; When we miss you, it looks like another year. EJS has missed YOU!


Virus, you've been working too hard and too long

2020 08.19

Virus, you've been working too hard and too long. It's time for you to go for rest and peace.

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