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EJS will celebrate Dragon Boat Festival on June 07

This year, we'll celebrate our Dragon Boat Festival on June 07, May 5 in our Chinese Lunar Calendar.

On this day, we'll eat Zongzi, which is wrapped by a special bamboo leaf.
Physically there's no big difference between one and another, different stuff can be found inside, it can be rice, pork, egg, Chinese Dates, chestnuts,peanuts, to satisfy different groups of people.

On this day, we'll have boat racing with dragon head up:


This festival is in great memory of a patriot who died himself into the river for justice and rightness.
People boated together trying to find him;
People threw Zongzi to the river so he would not be eaten by fish.

Don't leave for something, live for something. There're a lot of important things in our life to be living for, hope you've got your right part.

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