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EJS Celebrates Labor Holiday

EJS will celebrate Labor Holiday from May 1 till May 4.

Each labor is a treasure, it’s their efforts which make a difference to the whole world;
Every labor job is appreciated, it’s them that uplift themselves and make our world a better place.
Our factory has more than 400 labors, behinds them are 400 families, we have a huge responsibility to take good care of them, each and every day.
Our factory has been manufacturing screws and barrels for over 26 years, in the workshops are tons of screws and barrels, behind them are hundreds of customers nationally and internationally, we have an enormous obligation to assure the quality is good, even the order is delivered and completed.
If you haven’t worked with EJS, yet fear to do so, you’re encouraged to visit our factory at any time.
Hope you enjoy each of your working day.

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