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Time to use EJS screw barrels

After a quiet February, a busy March, now we’re in April, a big month for shipments:


200 barrels, 

90 blank barrels, 

75 mixing screw, 

88.9 rubber screw barrel, 

16mm 3D printer screw barrels, 

65/132 conical screw barrels, 

CM45 screw barrels, 

50/105 screw barrel, 

KMD114 screw barrel, 

Milacron 112 screw etc., 

Left EJS for their home, by air or by sea, to start their journey of money-making process.


Do feel free to contact us and put us to the challenge, to work your drawings out into money-spinner screw barrels, to get them back home before HOT SUMMER.


Get started now...

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