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How Is EJS Doing Their Bimetallic Screws?

As a plastic person, it will be hard for you to disagree Screw is the heart of the machine--- without it, plastic products wont be made via extrusion/injection machines.


When more and more fillers or additives are added into the formula, it necessarily requests the screws to be more wearing-resistant or corrosion-resistant. Therefore, bimetallic(hard facing) screws were born.


Our bimetallic screws, which is done by 1) firstly grooving the screw flights; 2) then spraying bimetallic alloy into the groove, provides good performance. The thickness is 1.5mm at least with 1.5~3 times life-longer than standard nitriding screws.

Here are some photos for easier understanding:


Do feel free to contact us when you have requests on such bimetallic screws. 

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